From Earth Science Picture Of The Day; April 16, 2014:
Total Lunar Eclipse of April 15, 2014Photographer: Sebastian Guillermaz; Summary Authors: Sebastian Guillermaz, Jim Foster
The montage above shows the total lunar eclipse that occurred the night of April 14-15, 2014, as observed from my backyard in San Miguel, Argentina. The fully illuminated Moon is shown at bottom and the fully eclipsed Moon is at top — the sequence is in a clockwise direction. Totality lasted 78 minutes and was greatest at approximately 07:45 UT (04:45 local Argentina time). Depending upon the altitude of the Moon when eclipsed, the clarity of the atmosphere, the umbral depth and other factors, the lunar disk can appear crimson, peach, honey or gray. In some cases, particularly in hazy skies, the Moon may disappear all together. This eclipse was basically a Western Hemisphere affair — totality couldn’t be viewed in Europe, Asia or Africa.

Laguna Torre Cloudy Reflection 1 |  [Cornforth Images]

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Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina
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